I’ve been a Scout throughout my life... an Eagle Scout, a road tripper, back country hiker and urban explorer. I love discovering new things and the journey that gets you there. I studied physics and mathematics because I was always curious… I wanted to know why things worked the way they did. I studied design because I wanted to create and express myself. Whether an internal achievement, the realization of a long sought-after goal or the physical act of making something new I love the big reveal, that special moment when you realize something special has happened. I design because I love sharing these experiences with people.

The Scout, the famous statue by Cyrus E. Dallin perched over my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, inspired my logo. It was cast in 1910 and exhibited at the 1915 San Francisco Exposition where it won a gold metal prize. The Scout and I traded locations. I’ve always wondered what he was looking for… maybe it was the next hunt, his tribe of family and friends or the next big adventure in life. I’ve always looked to The Scout as a symbol of optimism and discovery.